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More Power, Endurance & Stamina For Your Athlete's On-Field Performance.

XpandMe is the only Assisted Stretching Online Certification Program for High Performance Trainers offering 1.0 CEC approved by ACE.

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As a trainer, you know how important
that extra 2% is.

You know how valuable it can be for your athlete to run two percent faster, hit two percent harder, or jump two percent higher. You know that in the world of competitive sports, the difference between gold and bronze often comes down to just two percent.

But what are you missing?

What is the secret ingredient to adding that elusive two percent to your athlete’s current performance?

Turn on ESPN and tune into an American football game. You’ll notice that in between plays, the athletes meet up with their trainers and go through a quick stretching routine before stepping back onto the field.


Professional Athletes Stretching
Personal Trainer Stretching his Athlete

Professional trainers know how to keep their athlete away from injuries.

These trainers know the importance of active stretching in keeping their athletes safe. They know that, through assisted stretching exercises, their players are able to expand their range of motion and prevent injuries during peak performance.

And this is where Xpand.me comes into the picture.

XpandMe was designed for trainers
who want the best for their athletes

XpandMe is an ACE-approved stretching routine built for trainers who want the best for their athletes. Building off the science of flexibility training — the science behind the trainers on ESPN — this full body stretching routine helps athletes perform past their current level in a few massively important areas:

Football Players Stretching
Fewer injuries means
more time on the field.
Increased Range of Motion Runner
Increased range of motion
across all movements.
Professional cyclist with endurence
Increased performance.
Better endurance.
Testimonial from Albert Mordue about XpandMe Body Stretching System

The XpandMe stretch sequence has given a huge boost to my personal training skill set

  • “XpandMe has given me the 'tools' I needed to add an impressive and well rounded stretch sequence to my personal training sessions, it has allowed me to develop my knowledge of Anatomy and deepen my understanding of stretch therapy, I would recommend it to any personal trainers who want to add stretch therapy to their repertoire of skills, XpandMe is a straight forward and comprehensive guide to the assisted stretching technique”

    — Albert Mordue, Personal Trainer & Swim Coach

Gain more career opportunities and command a higher income.

Furthermore, as an ACE approved continuing education course, the XpandMe system allows you to gain credits towards your ACE certification. This means trainers who study and complete the XpandMe program have:

More career opportunities.
The ability to command a higher income.
A broader range of skills.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to add real, measurable results to your athletes’ current performance.

Achieving your assisted stretching certification with XpandMe is simple.

Download the free manual today and you can immediately add dynamic stretching exercises to your athlete’s training routine. All course are online and you can start learning today, where ever you want, when ever you want. All videos and documents are mobile friendly!

Trainers Learning through iPhone

Here is what you get when studying the XpandMe Method

Once you download your XpandMe Workbook you'll receive a series of lessons to get you to your certification goal faster.

A 180 Pages PDF Workbook

Access your complete fully featured workbook with every stretching position photo and muscle group details.

11 Body Stretching Videos

Accelerate your learning experience with 11 short videos detailing every movement, delivered to you automatically by email.

100 Multi-Choice Online Exam

Test your knowledge on the XpandMe online questionnaire and receive your 1.0 CEC on successful completion.

About Peter Kaaberbol, founder and instructor of XpandMe.

The body stretching system is the fruit of Peters amazing journey into the core of the body through deep study into anatomy and hands on practice through a great variety of martial arts, yoga, massages and other bodily programs.

Through his recognized teaching and practices all over the world (Denmark, Nepal, USA, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, India) Peter is a highly sought after body worker and therapist, who is now also praised for sharing his advanced body stretching system, XpandMe. International colleagues, fitness and health professionals and athletes who have had the pleasure of Peter´s deep insight, training and exercise techniques, call his XpandMe concept a stroke of genius. It’s a gift to people who exercise on a regularly basis, and strive for a healthy long life, and for those who aim for winning gold medals on their way through life

Peter Kaaberbol from XpandMe

Peter is an inspiration to anyone who has the opportunity to cross his path. The knowledge gained is worth more than gold.

— Dori Matthews

Participating in this training/experience opened my being in a way I couldn’t imagine. Thank you so much. Lots of love to Peter. Love your spirit.

— Alma Peguero

I didn’t realize how much more there is to the body than the physical process. I couldn’t have asked for better teacher.

— Sara Dushey

Nice (body) work if you can get it... By stretching and warming the muscles and joint, you actually create space. The body gets longer. “I think I am in another plane of existence”

— Cathrine Gundersen

Satisfied Personal trainer

Because that two percent you’ve been chasing? It’s here.

It’s in your grasp. And it won’t cost you a penny to learn. Start today!

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Is the XpandMe course really free?

Yes, It's free to learn the XpandMe Body Stretching Method. The only payment you will be offered to place, is to take the online test to get your 1.0 CEC.

What if I don't have time to be in front of the computer?

All videos are mobile friendly so you can learn on your own terms when you have a few minutes on your busy day. We've divided the entire video in 3 to 5 minute sequences to make it more digestible. We still strongly suggest that you take the time to go through the free Workbook before passing the online test.

How can I get my 1.0 CEC certification for XpandMe?

Once you finish the 11 videos sessions and that you have read the entire workbook, you will receive an email with a link offering you the possibility to buy your right to do the exam online. Once you have passed the online exam, we will send your certification in the next 72 hours.

Do you offer 1 on 1 XpandMe Workshops?

Yes, we do offer some XpandMe private workshops. Please get in touch by clicking here to get more details about the available dates and locations.

What if I have some questions about the course?

We are always available to answer questions by email. Simply send us an email here and we'll do our best to get back to you in the next business day.

Can I use XpandMe on non-athletes?

While XpandMe was developed for high performance athletes and professionals, the assisted stretching method can still be used on sports enthusiasts. We always recommend that you stay within the limits and comfort of your client. This type of method can be too difficult for some people who are not used to such extended stretches and may result into injuries if executed poorly.

Still have questions? Email us here for answers